whats with that crap? alone time is healthy but it also sucks. wheels start turning.


It never gets any easier, you just get stronger.

I’d like to thank todays workout to none other than Ms Lady Gaga. Thank you for the 5 + songs you have produced that are fabulous to do a long run to when you are super tired and lazy on a nice freezing cold Minnesota Saturday.


It’s amazing to me how everyone has such a different perspective and understanding of what a true work out consists of or what it means to actually work out. I wish I could have went into stealth mode and video taped the woman next to me in the woman’s weight room as she tried to do some machine for an arm workout. She was a very small older woman whom would use her entire weight and strength to pull down this bar in any way possible, leaning back and to the side and fighting through to get it down, almost banging her head into the wall consistently. And the look on her face as she would get the bar down was of pure success and accomplishment…. all the while not at all the way you would go about pulling this bar down or go about getting a workout in. People assume if they are at the gym and trying that they are making a difference and doing it right. However, truth be told sometimes a bad workout is no different than not working out at all… Sorry lady :/



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