Monday Night

So I get home from work like normal Monday night and am hungry like always and have to discuss with Adam what to do for food and if we are going somewhere for dinner… Im deep in converse about my day as we go to get in the truck and reach to move some stuff off the passenger seat when i suddenly see a corner of an interesting envelope. The envelope said “Shane Co” as in the diamond store… My heart suddenly raced and panicked at the same time but i kept my cool and pretended i didnt notice a thing as he seriously urgently snatched it from my hand and tossed it aside as i kept talking. Cant stop thinking about it… is it the real thing? What ive been talking about so openly the last like 6 months especially at work… Is it what ive been telling the Universe i want? Is it finally just a promise in the right direction.. or am i totally out of line and is it just a necklace for gift exchange next week? And am i ready for whichever option it may be and prepared for a range of ways a reaction could occur.. ?

One will only know.. hopefully sooner than later..