A month of lights, snow & feasts; time to make amends & tie loose ends; finish off what you started & hope your wishes come true…

Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunset, more spectacular colors when the sun his the horizon. That’s perhaps my only sin.

Welcome to TODAY.¬†Another day. Another Chance. Feel free to change…

A lot has been going on with my family lately, health wise. Which the ironic part stems in the fact that I work at a local Wellness Center and have been an advocate of natural and holistic health and alternative remedies for many years, since my early college days out of high school, and yet no one has ever really cared for any of my information or experience. Now, everyone is singing a different tune and will be hearing a different tune from me this Christmas. We have always had enough problems with family drama and everyone’s drinking or mental problems but this year the Universe decided to kick up some more dirt. My mother recently had a terrible reaction to a vaccine she should have never gotten (I’m strongly against MOST vaccination; if you feel terribly the opposite direction on the topic I apologize but I’m not really sorry because my thoughts will never change.) My grandma is getting fairly elder in age and starting to struggle health wise for the given reasons; my grandpa is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, my aunt is more heavily struggling with her alcohol addiction and her linked depression and other psychological disorders and then just today my other aunt was diagnosed with a very rare form of liver cancer in the bile duct region… and will be starting chemo this week… another thing I feel strongly against. Just so much! Makes you think. Makes you feel challenged to help them. To present them with information and resources you already know, incorporate in your life and have access too that they may have never ever thought twice about, but now is the time to not back down! Now is the time to present it no matter what the reaction and opinions are. Now is the time for no regrets.

2013 has been quite the year for change for me. A lot of self discovery and a lot of time spent getting comfortable and accepting parts of myself. Now is not the time to stop doing that my any means. And my hopes for 2014 are full of aspirations for more change and more things falling into place. And hopefully more help to my family to present them with better HEALTH and quality of life! We only get this one life people! Our bodies are our homes, we have to take care of them!