Moon Crab.

Tomorrow is a Full Moon in Cancer… If you know anything at all about astrology then you know that Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon and its emotions and it feels like a Cancer Full Moon should be illegal, .. in a Cancers perspective anyway. I mean jeez, full Moons are already crazy and intense enough for me I dont want the darn Moon to be in my sign too!

I almost feel like there is so much emotion going on this week that I dont even feel it at all. But at the same time I feel extremely sensitive and aware of the increase of emotions and expressed emotions in others. From all the people I work and my tug of war strain batrle with myself and my desire to so strongly leave behind the corruption and manipulation to the fact that I am so touched by the natural and holistic services we do for so many people and people in need…..; And even down to to my boyfriend and the incredibly bonding Sunday night we just randomly had. And even down to my Bengal cat and his increasingly high neediness for attention this week. What a Moon! To say the least..

Buckle up kids, the rest of the week might be one hell of a ride with these Cancer waves of emotions!