Hello World.

This will be my official first new post in the new year. New time. I took the last month off to survive the Holidays, family get togethers, end of the year, and adjustment into the new one. You’d be happy to know that I have survived…despite some heavy speed bumps, which have now become obsolete as I have so far dropped everything that burdened me in 2013. See this New Year was unlike any else; this New Year, astrologically speaking, was the best way you could ask to start a new year. With the stars all aligned for change and resolution. This year a New Moon fell on New Year’s Day, which is perfect for setting resolutions and a perfect time to set intentions. In my eyes and world, this means that there is no excuse and no reason to not be able to “cut the bullshit”. Just drop everything you want to drop, right off in the end of 2013, and start 2014 whatever the hell way you feel like. Its like starting the year with the right kind of attitude and sassiness that you need to do exactly what you want to do. And that is just precisely what I am doing.

On New Year’s Eve I wrote down all of my intentions, goals and “resolutions” for the new year and have them posted on sticky notes in my planner/agenda for the year. They will stick by me, and ultimately become positive, changing, parts of my life this year.

Happy 2014. Year of 7 in numerology. My favorite number and a lucky one and an estimated very lucky first 6 months for my sign, Cancer. And I could not be more ready and more looking forward to it. I will drop those who do not positively influence my life. Get rid of joy-suckers and life-suckers as I like to call them. This is not just people but this is things in your life at all that are that way. Dropped! Just like that. This year will be a ground breaking one, I can just feel it.






I’m not a feminist. I’m not racist. I’m not sexist. I’m not an “-ist” of any form. I am however, passionate about everything that is described in the short clip on the link to Upworthy. There are certain things that just shouldn’t be the way that they are and shouldn’t be our way of society that we have gotten desensitized from over the years. There are certain things from a woman’s perspective that I don’t think men can understand and certain things about the depiction of woman that irks me to my core. And even makes me feel uncomfortable more commonly than I would like.

It makes me feel better to know that there are other people out there men and woman that agree with me and feel the same way and are advocates for change. There are many things I wish I could more heavily be an advocate for change for but still get to live my life “normally” and at times it’s just hard or impossible to do both at once. This is topic number one. I’m sure the world will hear more about my other topics soon….